Tuesday, July 28, 2020

18 Girls Who Just Can’t Live Like Everyone Else

There are girls that prefer Cheetos crumbs on their fingers to a highlighter swatch, a shoelace rather than an expensive choker and jammies to an elaborate outfit — they only don’t fit all those stereotypes about what a woman should do and what she should appear as if . and that we love it!

We are all for diversity and just can’t help sharing these pictures, some of which are actually very relatable.

1. Someone else gets their nails done, I get Bugles fingers!

© bryndanielle / reddit, © Unknown / imgur

2. Chilling by the pool can look different.

© kyliejenner / instagram, © S1monmb / reddit

3. No makeup can replace the taste of spicy Cheetos crumbs on your fingers!

© Rbuchanan24 / reddit

4. No time to stop for a selfie.

© sighchotic / reddit

5. Normal girl’s choker vs A Nike shoe lace

© Ypuztd / reddit, © Unknown / imgur

6. When you’re asked to send a pic:

© dm_me_bitchlasagna / reddit

7. When you ask for a highlighter:

8. Between comfort and other people’s opinions I choose comfort.

© alexmix / pikabu

9. Hunger is more important than a good photo!

© ReverendJimi / imgur

10. Don’t want to be a basic girl? Buy chicken leg stockings!

© AttorneyfineHW / reddit, © amazon.com

11. Sometimes I look presentable, but 90% of the time I resemble a dumpling with eyelashes.

© sophisopia / reddit

12. When you couldn’t decide which mood you were in today:

© SNAKEKINGYO / reddit

13. Turns out there are several types of dog filters!

© Kylie Jenner / snapchat, © omfgcats / imgur

14. It actually takes courage to not hide your true hungry self!

© Eat Pray Love / Sony Pictures, © LeighAnoisGoCurmach / reddit

15. There’s no middle ground in this game.

© Sassy_Marshmallow / reddit, © Unknown / imgur

16. Handstands are not for everyone.

© GallowBoob / reddit

17. When it’s cold outside, your true self comes out.

© valerialipovetsky / instagram, © Mymbaka / pikabu

18. Flowers wither, the taste of fried chicken remains forever.

© psychedelicvelocity / reddit, © Unknown / reddit

Did you recognize yourself in any of those pics? Do you have anything to add to this list? We’d be happy to see your stories and pics in the comment section below!