The Most Weird and Famous Unsolved Mysterious Case

The Most Weird and Famous Unsolved Mysterious Case

The most mysterious unsolved case has to be the Dyatlov Pass Incident.

The Dyatlov Pass incident happened in the year 1959 in which nine Soviet hikers were mysteriously killed, and the mystery is still unsolved. The incident happened in the Kholat Syakhl mountain in the Ural mountain ranges in Russia.

Above is the image of one of the hikers who went hiking through the Dyatlov Pass.

The Mansi tribe (native tribe) referred to these mountains as the Mountain of the dead. All nine bodies were found but in mysterious situations.

Two of the hikers had fractured skulls and their ribs were broken. One of the hikers had her tongue, eyes, and lips cut off from her face and chest fractures. Another striking discovery that came when the forensics reports came out was the clothes of these hikers were radioactive.

The forensic reports also revealed that the amount of force that was required to cause such fractures must have been equivalent to the force of a car crash. It was also revealed that all the hikers left their tent on their own will and their tent was cut open from inside.

Most of the hikers were not properly dressed, and some of them had only one shoe on when they left their campsite, which actually shows that they were in some kind of hurry.

Above is an image of their destroyed campsite.

There were several theories that came up to describe what would have happened at the campsite:

1. The indigenous people (Mansi tribe) attacked them because they were encroaching on their land, but this hypothesis was withdrawn as the nature of the attack was too strong to be inflicted by any human.

2. Paranormal activities, people at another campsite merely 50 km. away from Dyatlov Pass reported the sighting of orange orbs, which is believed to have a direct connection with the incident.

3. Supernatural beings, another theory came forward which explained that the hikers were killed by a Yeti.

4. Hypothermia, which might have caused hallucinations, and they may have assumed that they felt too hot (paradoxical effect of hypothermia)

5. Radiation poisoning, another explanation which people tried to give is that they have suffered from radiation poisoning which they would have got when the stumbled upon a secret government project (highly unlikely)

However, this mystery still remains unsolved and the cause of their death is assumed and believed to be a Compelling Natural force.

Above is an image which shows that the bodies of the hikers were mummified because of the temperatures they were subjected to (-35/-45)

The fact is, even after so many years and so many advancements in science and technology, some things are still unexplainable.

The image of the group which went to Dyatlov Pass before starting their journey which none of them had a clue would end so horrifically.
The Most Weird and Famous Unsolved Mysterious Case
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