Thursday, August 13, 2020

15 People You Wouldn’t Wish to Trade Places With, Even for a Million Dollars

How often does one check out someone’s photos on Instagram and think, “I wish I used to be there,” or “Man, I would like an equivalent thing!” Don’t blush, it’s an absolutely normal thanks to feeling. It’s also completely okay if you don’t want to trade places with an individual who’s having a very bad day.

We feel really pitying these “not-so-lucky” people. We bet nobody would want to seek out themselves in these situations.

15. She pointed out his conversation with another girl. Rest in peace, buddy.

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14. What a sly guy!

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13. “Been all over the mall looking for this boy.”

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12. “I have an interview for a job tomorrow and the supervisor texted me...”

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11. She wishes she could fall through the ground...

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10. When your kayak literally melts:

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9. “Forgot my wallet and really needed gas...I had to be that guy who panhandles.”

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8. “I’m leaving my job after 5 years today. I used to work with over 500 people. This is my goodbye card signed by 4 colleagues.”

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7. “Borrowed my neighbor’s truck he never drives to haul some stuff. Wanted to be nice and bring it back filled up since it was almost empty when I got it...”

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6. “When your sink randomly explodes at 3 AM”

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5. So naive!

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4. “I went to give an important presentation and this happened...”

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3. They’ve forgotten the keys inside an armored truck.

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2. 100 scores for ingenuity, 0 scores for the performance of his duties

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1. “It’s just not your day, huh?”

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Have you recently got into unfortunate situations that deserve to be shown here?