Saturday, August 15, 2020

21 People Who Are Terminally Dumb

Being a person's doesn't accompany a user manual, except for these big dumb-dumbs, they might probably use one.

Here's a fine collection of GIFs of individuals acting within the stupidest ways possible, but with the simplest intentions.

They're all trying to realize something epic for the camera. Sadly, all of them find yourself with an epic fail (and a couple of fewer brain cells within the process).

But what else are you alleged to do once you have a telephone camera and a bunch of free time on your hands? Not film embarrassing videos and upload them to the internet?

1. “Standing on an electric skateboard while someone else has the remote”



4. “Unloading a concrete pipe with tires”

5. “Sledgehammer to the spray paint”

6. “Watch where you’re walking there bud”



9. “A woman slipped on the ice. Let’s rush to help her”


11. “What could go wrong when you don’t use the exercise band like it should be.”

12. “Risking it all for a picture”

13. “Backflip into a mosh pit”


15. “Opening an $8,000 bottle of champagne”

16. “That’s what happens when you eat sand”



19. “casually tossing the engagement ring”