The Boy In The Box - Unsolved Mysteries Of America’s Unknown Child

The Boy In The Box - Unsolved Mysteries Of America’s Unknown Child

The Boy In The Box, A permanent reminder of the kid who lies beneath it. The case of the boy within the box was one among Philadelphia’s most perplexing crimes, baffling police for over 60 years and still leaves many unanswered questions.

After 60 years, we’re still no closer to solving the mystery of the Boy within the Box.

It started on a cold February day in 1957, on a roadside highway just outside of Philadelphia. A young muskrat hunter, checking his traps, stumbled upon a cardboard box lying within the woods. Inside was the body of a young boy, stripped naked and mutilated.

The muskrat hunter didn’t tell a soul. He was terrified that, if he reported it, the police would come down on him for his illegal traps. And so, for days, until a braver soul found him, the boy’s body lay cold and rotting, alone within the woods.

The crime scene where the boy within the box was found.

The boy was somewhere been three and 7 years old, and he had undergone terrible neglect. He was small, malnourished, and unkempt. His hair had been cut around the time of his death; clumps of it still clung to his body. The body itself was covered in small scars, most notably on his ankle, groin, and chin.

Only one small act of care had been given to the boy abandoned naked therein box. Whoever had killed him had bound up tightly during a blanket before leaving him to rot. it had been the sole hint of affection he’d been shown.

The facial reconstruction of the boy within the box.

The police fingerprinted the boy in hopes of finding a match, but nothing came up. many thousands of flyers were sent bent the encompassing area, begging for information about the unidentified boy, but nobody came forward. His parents never claimed him as their own.

The investigators tried everything they might. They analyzed the evidence from the crime scene, from the cardboard box to the blanket he was wrapped in. Every clue they followed, though, just led to a replacement dead end.

To this day, quite 60 years later, one among America’s most famous murders remains unsolved. Nobody knows who the kid was, who his parents were, or how he ended up naked and mutilated during a box up the woods.

Tragically, in any case, these years, the planet will probably never even learn the name of “America’s Unknown Child.”

Two theories on what could have happened(the hottest ones):

1. A family about 2.5 km from the place where the body was found had the precise same J.C Penny’s Cradle boxes and therefore the very same sort of blankets during which the boy was found wrapped. it had been believed that the boy belonged to the stepdaughter of the person who ran the family which they disposed of his body therefore the stepdaughter wouldn't be exposed as an unwed mother. A DNA test showed that the boy didn't belong to the step-daughter.

2. Martha’s theory, another theory was brought forward by a lady named Martha. Martha claimed that her abusive mother had purchased the unknown boy(Jonathan) from his birth parents within the summer of 1954. Subsequently, the boy was subjected to extreme physical and sexual assault for 2 and a half years. One evening at dinner, the boy vomited up his meal of baked beans and was given a severe beating, together with his head slammed against the ground until he was semiconscious. He was then given a shower, during which he died. These details matched information known only to the police because the coroner had found that the boy's stomach contained the remains of baked beans which his fingers were water-wrinkled.

But despite these details police were unable to verify her story due to her history of mental disease and therefore the incontrovertible fact that their neighbors had never seen a young boy living with them.

The mystery remains unsolved till date even after 62 years.
The Boy In The Box - Unsolved Mysteries Of America’s Unknown Child
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