Monday, September 21, 2020

18 Crazy Photos That Prove Every Beach Is Full of Surprises

It’s really trendy to take many pictures on vacation and post them online. When taking vacation photos, many of us capture as many fun moments as they will alongside ones they’ll never be ready to forget.

We collected funny beach photos which will hopefully remind you of past vacations you’ve taken, and excite you for future trips!

1. Just a guy snuggling with a duck at the beach. Nothing to see here. 

2. Nice ghetto life preserver, bro. I think I'd rather drown than be caught wearing that in public. (just kidding, obviously)

3. "Ahhh, finally I have her right where I want her. Sniff my butt. SNIFF IT." - The Dog.

4. You've, um... got a little something on your back.

5. This picture really has it all: A pyramid of lovely ladies, a good old fashioned beach photobomb, and a guy acting like a humongous perv.

6. No, that's not Photoshop! That's just a couple of beach-goers who've managed to get themselves in a really, really awkward position.

7. Ouch! That is not how you frisbee, silly! This lady would fit in nicely on our list of perfectly-timed action shots.

8. Further proof that horse head masks make every photo better. It's a fact!

9. If there is any benefit to being an amputee, pranking kids on the beach has to be high on the list!

10. Well, this Sunday drive certainly didn't go as planned.

11. Girls wear high heels everywhere — even in the sea.

© puskas78/ reddit

12. When you always have to be trendy:


13. Good company is the most important thing.

© deftkillerstu / imgur

14. Beach fashion trends

© myfinnegan / reddit

15. Loneliness be like:

© unknown / reddit

16. A vape in your beach photo is a must.

© Liber8Masses / reddit

17. “A sweet old man at the beach asked, ’Would you like me to take a photo of you two lovebirds?’ My wife said, ’Yes please!’ ”

18. When your vacation turns into Russian roulette:

Have you ever encountered anything interesting or funny at the beach?