Man Allegedly Takes Bus Ride With Suitcases Of Girlfriend's Body Parts, 'Wanted To Be With At Least Part of Her'

Man Allegedly Takes Bus Ride With Suitcases Of Girlfriend's Body Parts, 'Wanted To Be With At Least Part of Her'

A man has admitted to dismembering his girlfriend's body and carrying the parts in suitcases on a Greyhound bus from Kentucky to his parent's house in Illinois.

Melvin Martin Jr., 30, was arrested on Tuesday after his family members discovered the body parts in his luggage about a week after he had arrived. 

Police said Martin admitted to killing his 31-year-old girlfriend in Louisville before dismembering her body.

The Jefferson County Coroner's Office today confirmed that Ladawndra Ellington, 31, of Louisville, Kentucky, was the victim of the brutal crime, local media reports.

Police say Melvin Martin Jnr, 30, killed and dismembered Ms Ellington before taking duffel bags containing her head, lower torso and organs, on a five-hour journey from the couple's home in Louisville to Markham in Illinois.

Her upper torso was later found in a park in Louisville.

LaDawndra Ellington has been identified as the victim of a brutal murder.

Melvin Martin Jnr, of Louisville, Kentucky, admitted killing and dismembering his girlfriend, police said.

The alleged killer is said to have traveled on a Greyhound bus carrying dismembered body parts.

Martin's mother reportedly made the grisly discovery after she and other family members noticed a "foul smell" coming from three heavy bags and opened one of them on Tuesday.

She called police immediately.

Ms Ellington was a "sweetheart", her former boss told The Sun.

One friend described Ms Ellington as a "one of the most beautiful souls" she had ever met.

In a recording of the 911 call, obtained by CBS Chicago, Martin's mother can be heard saying: "I picked him up ’cause he was coming home. He was having a hard time, but he took this suitcase in my garage.

"I just took him to library and I said, let me see what’s in this suitcase," she continued.

"And it looks like there's a body in there."

Martin was arrested at the library in Markham and charged as a fugitive fleeing prosecution. Police said he wasn't initially cooperative, but eventually gave a full statement to police.

“He indicated that, as grotesque as it might sound, that he still wanted to be with her, at least part of her,” Markham police Chief Terry White said during a news conference on Wednesday.

Martin's relatives became suspicious when they noticed he was guarding his suitcases which had remained unpacked for several days, police said. He also asked them to buy clothes for him, despite arriving with multiple pieces of luggage.

Ms Ellington's remains were located in two different states.

The suitcases were in the family's home for several day.

The victim is believed to have been killed during a domestic dispute at the couple's home about one month ago, according to police.

She was formerly employed as a team member and cashier at Louisville Airport but had not worked there since 2018.

Tinsley Family Concessions Vice President George Tinsley II - her employer during her stint at the airport - told The Sun that Ms Ellington was "a sweetheart".

"She was a very special team member of ours," he said.

"If the world is ever going to know anything about her... she was an inspiration.

"She blossomed in front of my eyes, in front of the team's eyes.

"In a time where finding great team members is hard to do, she stood out and developed into one of the best team members we can hope for.

"It's extremely tragic what has happened. I couldn't speak for hours when I found out."

According to her Facebook page, Ms Ellington had previously studied paralegal studies at Louisville University and worked as a reservation manager at a car hire company.

Ms Ellington was a former student of Louisville University, according to her Facebook page.

One friend described her as "one of the most beautiful souls I have EVER met".

" LaDawndra Ellington was one of the kindest, most caring, wise-beyond-her-years people I know," Katie Laird wrote on Facebook.

"She used to lift me up any time I needed it, and if we ever started to drift apart, we quickly found eachother again.

"She always taught me how to fold my notes, and if you ever needed ANYTHING, she had it in her purse and would give it to you in a heartbeat.

"Her nails were always painted, her hair always fixed, and her lipgloss was ALWAYS popping.

"She lit up a room with her huge smile, and could clown on you in a true southern gal way.

"She was the mama hen, and the one who brought people together. It makes me physically sick to think she’s no longer on this Earth." 

The man was visiting his family in Illinois when he was arrested.

Martin remains in custody but has yet to be charged in Kentucky. He waived his extradition during a court hearing in Chicago on Thursday morning.
Man Allegedly Takes Bus Ride With Suitcases Of Girlfriend's Body Parts, 'Wanted To Be With At Least Part of Her'
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