Man ‘covered in blood’ had ‘beat his 68-year-old mom to death’ before being tackled by his cousins

Man ‘covered in blood’ had ‘beat his 68-year-old mom to death’ before being tackled by his cousins

A Sanford, Florida man obsessed with Ultimate Fighting Championship has been arrested and charged with killing his mom by beating her to death late Wednesday night, Click Orlando reports.

When his uncle and cousins confronted him in the home, Adam Savage, 37, was hysterical and violent, trying to keep them from Vicky Savage’s bedroom.

Adam Savage, 37, phoned his uncle at about midnight on Thursday and told him to come to his mother’s home.

The Florida man who had allegedly just killed his mom, Vicky Savage, told the woman’s brother that there was some sort of emergency.

Savage was arrested by Seminole County deputies and charged with second-degree murder.

Relatives of the suspect told authorities how Savage had contacted them around midnight to inform them about some type of emergency.

The call prompted Savage's uncle and cousins to drive to Vicki's home on Wilson Road.

Family members recounted to police that Savage was “covered in blood” and “freaking out" when they got to the crime scene.

As they were inside the home, a fight broke out between the family members because Savage wouldn't permit them into his mom's bedroom, relatives told deputies.

Deputies arrived shortly after family members called 911.

The victim's brother was able to get into the bedroom to find Vicki dead - after his two sons pinned Savage on to the ground in a vicious brawl, according to the police report.

Vicki's discovery led the family members to call 911.

When police arrived at the crime scene, they discovered Vicki dead from "obvious trauma" in what is suspected to be a domestic homicide, according to News6's Jerry Askin.

Bob Kealing, the public information officer for the Seminole County Sheriff’s Office, said officers at the scene could tell that Vicki had "suffered some significant trauma."

Police said Savage "didn’t coop immediately" when he was taken in for questioning.

Police said Savage 'didn’t cooperate immediately'.

"He was violent, he resisted our attempts to question him and talk to him and that made our investigation more challenging," Kealing said.

According to a police report, obtained by the news outlet, Savage "occasionally" pretended to fall asleep when he was questioned about the what took place in his mom's home.

However, when officers changed the subject of conversation to Ultimate Fighting Championship fights, Savage would "perk up."

When the Florida investigators asked the man about what went down at his mom’s house, the alleged killer pretended to fall asleep.

All he wanted to talk about was his obsession with Ultimate Fighting Championship showdowns, WESH 2 reports. Florida detectives have expressed certainty that the man was the sole individual who killed his mom.

An investigation into Vicki's death is underway and a motive for the attack has not been revealed.

Savage was booked into Seminole County Jail before 1pm on Thursday and remains held without bond. He has a court appearance set for Friday at 2pm.

Savage was arrested in Orlando in 2016 on a disorderly conduct charge after threatening to beat up a group of people. He has also been subjected to drug-related arrests.

Man ‘covered in blood’ had ‘beat his 68-year-old mom to death’ before being tackled by his cousins
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