Thursday, October 8, 2020

Monster mom pleads manslaughter after her son, 4, died after being beaten so hard his intestines leaked

A Monster mom has admitted to manslaughter after her four-year-old son died from being beaten so hard his intestines leaked.

Heidi Strbak cried as she was shown autopsy pictures of her son Tyrell Cobb's beaten body.

4Heidi Strbak is being sentenced for the manslaughter of her son Tyrell.

Tyrell Cobb died after suffering horrific injuries.

The boy suffered horrific injuries - including having his abdomen bashed so badly that his intestines leaked.

The distressing phone call made to police on the night he died on May 24, 2009 was played during a sentencing hearing at Brisbane Supreme Court in Queensland, Australia on Tuesday, reported.

Strbak is being re-sentenced after having her nine-year jail sentence quashed in March.

She claims that she did not cause the injuries that led to Tyrell's death.

Strbak admitted to manslaughter on the acceptance of her liability in not seeking medical attention for her son.

Sentencing was due in August but was pushed back due to a Covid-19 lockdown in Queensland prisons.

Crown prosecutor Philip McCarthy said Strbak was responsible for Tyrell's injuries.

But Strbak's lawyer Saul Holt claimed there was no way to prove she had - instead suggesting her then-boyfriend Matthew Scown may have been responsible.

During the emergency phone call, Strbak and Scown could be heard screaming and saying Tyrell was vomiting.

Tyrell suffered bruises to his head, ears, arms, groin, legs and stomach, as well as a suspected lighter burn on his ankle.

Mr McCarthy claimed Tyrell would have survived if he received treatment when he was first injured.

Mr Holt argued that Scown was alone with Tyrell multiple times before he died, and that Scown "lacked credibility".

Strbak's appeal against her sentence was successful after she argued Supreme Court Justice Peter Applegarth should not have found she inflicted the blow that killed Tyrell.

The High Court allowed the new sentencing.

Scown was convicted of manslaughter in 2017 and was jailed for four years, but the court did not find he had caused Tyrell's injuries.

He was released immediately having served two years and eight months behind bars.

However, Scown was sent back to jail in October last year for another 28 offences, including fraud and possessing a gun.

Strbak's hearing continues.

Strbak successfully appealed against her sentence.

A court found she was still liable for the boy's death as she didn't seek medical treatment for him.