Saturday, October 10, 2020

Son, 47, who decapitated mom, 86, with ornamental sword before dumping her head in freezer is jailed for 19 years

A son who decapitated his mom with an ornamental sword before dumping her head in a freezer was today jailed for 19 years.

Philip Tarver, 47, stabbed his mom Angela Tarver, 86 while wearing a nightie at the family home in Woking, Surrey.

Philip Tarver, 47, was today jailed for 19 years.

Angela Tarverd died at her home in Woking in December of last year.

The house was cordoned off after the killing.

His father Colin, 84, managed to disarm him and when police arrived at the family home Tarver emerged waving a small Union Jack flag and announced: "I surrender."

Officers found Mrs. Tarver's head in the freezer and her dismembered finger in the kettle.

Psychiatrists found Tarver was not mentally ill but he denied murder and shamelessly blamed his father, who sat at the back of the court with his head in his hands.

Judge Anne Molyneux jailed him for life with a minimum of 19 years and told him: “You sought to blame him (your father) for the murder.


“He has spoken of the additional suffering this has caused him, saying in the course of the trial every aspect of his life and home has been laid bare for all to see.

“Your mother was particularly vulnerable, she was frail, elderly, had limited speech and limited mobility. You dismembered her body.”

Colin Tarver said: “She was a devoted wife and grandmother. Despite having a severe stroke in June 1991 she was determined to carry on a normal of a life as possible.

“Over the years she became more and more disabled but carried on despite this.

“I have lost my best friend and the love of my life.

“She was the light of my life and now the light has gone out, cruelly extinguished.”

Tarver had never moved out of the family home and was still being given pocket money.

The jobless watchmaker dreamed of a career as a songwriter but uploaded his songs to social media platforms without success.

Your mother was particularly vulnerable, she was frail, elderly, had limited speech and limited mobility. You dismembered her body.”

Mrs. Tarver suffered a stroke in 1991 and had difficulty talking and used a zimmer frame.

Her son was one of two surviving children after a sister died in 1999 and he had lived at home all his life.

His brother labeled him a scrounger but Tarver got his father to pay for a bottle of vodka and six beers the night before the killing.

The following morning he came down the stairs hungover and wearing a women's nightgown and began to “spring clean."

He pulled the wires of the television from the wall, annoying his father because Mr. and Mrs. Tarver wanted to watch “Bargain Hunt”.

Mr. Tarver shouted at his son and he stormed into the kitchen where his mother was having a cup of tea.

After he plugged the TV back in, Mr. Tarver heard a scream from the kitchen where his wife had been drinking a cup of tea.

He ran into the room and found his wife lying on her back.


Seconds later he was confronted by his son brandishing the 12-inch bloodstained ornamental sword shouting: “I'm going to kill you.”

His dad struggled with his son and then ran out of the house to call the police.

When his father had left the house Tarver cut off his mother's head and put it in an “Angry Birds” box before placing it in the freezer.

He told police: “I am sorry for killing her. F***ing hell, I must repent for my sins.”

But in court, he retracted his confession and got his barrister to accuse his father of being the real killer.

Tarver, of Woking, Surrey, denied murder and making threats to kill but was convicted of both charges.

He was jailed for life with a minimum of 19 years for murder. He received 18 months concurrent for threatening to kill his father.

The court heard Tarver has six previous convictions for criminal damage and public order matters.

The house in Woking, Surrey, was cordoned off after the killing.

Angela Tarver was found dead at her home in Woking.

He then threatened his 83-year-old father Colin on December 19 last year.

Tarver was today jailed for at least 19 years.