Wednesday, November 25, 2020

Babysitter decapitated boy, 6, and left headless body in kitchen as mom gave birth

This is the moment a childminder was arrested after allegedly beheading a six-year-old with a kitchen knife in a drug-fuelled rage while the child's mom was giving birth in the hospital.

While the boy's mom, Elena, 36, was giving birth to her sixth child, her young son was left in the care of 47-year-old Sergey Podgornov at the family home in the city of Engels, Russia.

Sergey Podgornov is arrested at the scene in Engels, Russia.

Elena and her son, who has not been identified.

The house in Engels, Russia, where the brutal killing took place.

The six-year-old victim and his mother Elena, who was giving birth to her sixth child at the time of the killing.

The boy's stepdad, Mikhail Grushin, 33, found the headless body of the young child in the kitchen when he returned to the house.

Once detained by cops, Podgornov initially said he "did not remember" that he had severed the boy’s head, a police source said.

Footage taken at the crime scene shows the 47-year-old admitting he killed the child with a kitchen knife, but he does not explain why he had attacked the helpless boy.

Podgornov, who is facing 15 years in prison, was under the influence of "designer drugs" and booze at the time of the brutal killing, according to a Russian law enforcement source.

"I went out, sat on the porch and lit a cigarette," Podgornov told police.

"Then I came back, drank another glass of alcohol and I finally realized what I had done.

"I went out to wait for the police."

The dead boy's older sister, Arina Kuznetsova, said the victim, who has not been identified, was her mother’s fifth child.

Mikhail Grushin had left his step-son in the care of Podgornov.

She was giving birth to her sixth baby when the boy was beheaded, the 15-year-old said.

Saratov region Children Rights Ombudsman Tatyana Zagorodnyaya said Elena remains in the maternity hospital.

Officials said they tried to speak to her about funeral arrangements for the boy, but they were not allowed to enter the ward due to coronavirus restrictions.

Elena, 36, was giving birth in hospital when her son was killed.

Podgornov was detained by cops at the family house.

Investigators search the family home in Engels, Russia.