Saturday, December 5, 2020

Cat accompanies firefighters to stand guard every day after they raised the former stray for three years

A former stray cat adopted by Chinese firefighters is now accompanying them to stand guard come rain or shine, according to a local report.

The moggie would curl up to a duty officer's feet or lie in front of his post when he keeps a close watch over the barracks in Guizhou Province, south-eastern China.

Firefighters from south-eastern China's Guizhou Province said that the cat would stay with them when they stood guard (pictured) come rain or shine. They have kept the pet since 2017.

The team has looked after the pet for three years since it accidentally walked into the complex as a malnourished homeless kitten.

'[Whenever we stand sentry], it will be around to accompany us and look at us,' one of the firefighters, Sun Haoxiang, told a reporter.

'If it rains or snows, or if the weather is cold or the temperature low, it will jump onto our stand and lie down next to our feet,' Sun said.

The moggie, nicknamed Lan Mao or 'blue cat', lives in the Guizhou Provincial Fire Brigade in the city of Guiyang.

The heart-warming bond between Lan Mao and the servicemen was featured on China News, an affiliation to state-level news agency China News Agency.

'[Whenever we stand sentry], it will be around to accompany us and look at us,' one officer said.

According to the video report from Monday, Lan Mao arrived at the brigade in 2017 while roaming the street. Officers began to take it in turns to feed it and bought a bed for it.

The moggie was said to be timid and scared of humans in the beginning. However, under the meticulous care from the officers, it soon considered the barracks as its home.

Footage provided by the fire brigade shows Lan Mao sitting in front of one blue-uniformed guard on one night, seemingly ready for a nap. It then moves onto the stand to snuggle up to the man.

'This cat is rather intelligent. Because [we] fed it regularly, it became more and more attached to people wearing blue uniforms,' Sun explained.

'It treated here as its home and was unwilling to leave. As time went by, it began to stay by our side when we stood guard or train.

'With the company of Lan Mao, we feel warm in our hearts,' he added.

The cat, nicknamed Lan Mao, arrived at the brigade in 2017 as a malnourished homeless kitten.

A firefighter said that the cat had become more and more attached to people in blue uniform.

The emotional story has touched the hearts of many people, and web users have expressed their love for the pet.

On Weibo, the Chinese equivalent to Twitter, one fan gushed: 'It is so cute!'

Another person wrote on the platform: 'So heart-warming!'

A third one joked: 'Cats are like us after all - they feel secured while being with firefighters.'