Saturday, December 5, 2020

Pregnant mom was ‘stabbed 20 times in face and stomach’ as online ‘lover’ charged with murder

A pregnant young mom was "stabbed 20 times in the face and stomach" – and her online "lover" has since been charged with murder.

Amethyst "Ame" Killian, 22, who was a mother-of-two, was when she was allegedly killed by a 27-year-old Damion Delgado, on November 26 in Missouri, prosecutors said.

Amethyst 'Ame' Killian, 22, was allegedly killed by a 27-year-old Missouri man.

Damion Delgado has been charged with first-degree and second-degree murder.

Killian was last seen walking to a gas station on Thanksgiving Day.

Killian was found dead on the street in a suspected homicide just a day after she went missing on Thanksgiving. She was five months pregnant.

"The victim was stabbed over 20 times," St Charles County Prosecuting Attorney Tim Lohmar said. "Mostly in the head and neck region as well as the abdomen region.

“[Killian and Delgado] had made a connection through an online website, exchanged numbers, and communicated throughout the evening. They agreed to meet up and their intention was to have consensual sex."

He confirmed that Delgado was charged late on Wednesday with first-degree murder and armed criminal action after KMOV reported that he tried to slash his wrists.

Lohmar said the suspect has also been charged with second-degree murder following the death of Killian's unborn child.

Lohmar said blood droplets were found on a knife, sidewalk, and fence nearby the scene, which came back to an unknown male later identified as Delgado.

Killian had two children prior to her death.

She was five months pregnant at the time of her death and already a mom of two children.

He remains in custody on a $1million bond – just one week after the Killian's gruesome killing.

Lohmar told reporters that Delgado was seen on video footage 10 to 15 minutes before he met up with the victim at a local gas station.

He also revealed that Department of Revenue Records were reviewed and Delgado's photo was compared to the surveillance video.

Lohmar said Delgado and Killian had arranged a meeting that night in the early hours but aside from that, there was no connection between the victim and Delgado.

He alleged that the pair were engaged in "dangerous" activity, but he declined to elaborate on this during yesterday's press briefing.

Lohmar said Delgado was seen on video footage before he met up with the victim at a local gas station.

Killian's body was found in a park in Missouri a day after she was reported missing.

Amethyst Killian was found dead one day after she was reported missing.

"This was not a random act of violence," Lohmar said. “It was a targeted act of violence.”

Police do not yet have a motive for Delgado's alleged crime but Lohmar dubbed the incident a "a very, very violent killing."

"There has to be some motive out there; at this point we don’t know what that is," he told reporters. "The person who could tell us that is the defendant and so far he’s chosen not to do so.”

The lawyer noted that "three children lost their mother," including Killian's unborn child, who also died during the attack.

Prosecutors also revealed that Killian and Delgado decided to meet in person after speaking through Text Now, an app which later assisted in police identifying the suspect, Delgado.

“There was an item left at the crime scene, that in a text exchange, the defendant indicated he had just stopped at a gas station and bought this item,” Lohmar said.

Killian's death has been called a 'a very, very violent killing.'

She leaves behind a six-year-old girl and an 11-month-old boy.

Killian's body was discovered near Old Towne Park in St. Peters, MO, after she was last seen walking to a gas station at 1am.

When she didn't come back home, her boyfriend and step-father went to search for her and her mom then filed a missing person report after 8pm.

St Peters Police conducted a search of the area and found her body lying outside at the 100 block of North Church Street on Friday, November 30, just after receiving a tip at around noon.

Detectives conducted a search warrant at Delgado's home days on December 1, but he was in the hospital after the suicide attempt.

Soon after they obtained a search warrant to use the suspect's DNA, which was found to match Delgado.

She was already the mother of two children, a six-year-old girl and an 11-month-old boy.

Killian lived with her mother, stepfather, two children and her boyfriend, according to KSDK.

Her cousin Gabriell Tat has since set up a GoFundMe page to raise money for Killian's funeral, writing "not only do we have the loss of my cousin but also we lost a soon to be addition to our family."