Stepdad ‘gave meth to toddler so he could abuse him before killing child’

Stepdad ‘gave meth to toddler so he could abuse him before killing child’

A STEPDAD allegedly drugged a toddler with crystal meth so he could sexually abuse him for DAYS before beating the boy to death, a court has heard.

Dennis K., 30, was described as being "sadistic" after fatally hitting and kicking the two-year-old with extreme brutality, prosecutor Henrik Weber told the jury in Germany.

Uta cried as she was brought into the dock and claimed she had not realised what Kunert had done.

The baby was found dead with a broken skull, crushed internal organs, and smashed ribs.

The stepdad allegedly gave the toddler, named Tim due to local privacy laws, a dose of crystal meth that was five times higher than would have been safe for an adult.

An autopsy said the level in the baby's body was 3,700 nanogrammes of methamphetamine per litre of blood.

The toddler was kicked and beaten to death - an autopsy found he had suffered a broken skull and crushed organs.

A jury heard that he pumped the toddler with the drug so he could allegedly abuse him without being disturbed, before killing him to cover up the abuse.

“To do this, he is said to have beaten and kicked the child until he could no longer detect any signs of life.

"After that, he is said to have put the child in the cot and left the room," says the indictment.

The alleged killer, Dennis K. appearing in court this week.

The dead toddler's mum, Uta F., in court in Halle.

The stepfather appeared at the court in Halle over the killing at the family home in Querfurt, a town in the province of Saxony-Anhalt.

Suspect Dennis Kunert allegedly gave the child a dose of crystal meth five times higher than would have been safe for an adult.

Also charged is the baby's mother, identified as 36-year-old Uta F., who is accused of doing nothing to prevent the abuse of her two-year-old son.

Tag 24 reports that members of the public at the trial gasped when told that Dennis K. allegedly repeatedly tortured, abused, humiliated and abused the two-year-old for sexual kicks.

The accused - who showed no emotion in court - has been charged with serious child sexual abuse, assault and murder.

Baby Tim, who was killed in the town of Querfurt, in the German province of Saxony-Anhalt.

The dead boy's mother, who covered her ears when horrific details were read out, has been charged with ill-treatment of wards and negligent homicide.

Both have pleaded not guilty. reports that, according to the indictment, Tim was subjected to repeated violence and sexual assault between June 23, 2020, and July 11, 2020.

On the night that he died, Dennis K. is alleged to have woken up the toddler in his cot, and sexually abusing him "even more brutally than before", the court was told.

The indictment adds that he first drugged the boy with crystal meth, before beating and kicking him to death.

The dead boy's mum covered her ears in the court when details of the toddler's horrific death were read out by prosecutors.

It's alleged that the stepdad then put the dead toddler back in his cot, and left him there.

Cops found Dennis K. asleep in the living room afterwards.

The court was told that Dennis K. would abuse the child while his mum was asleep at night, for his "sexual satisfaction".

He is also alleged to have filmed the abuse with his cell phone, to enjoy later while pleasuring himself.

When police asked the mum about the severity of her boy's injuries, she told them that Tim was defiant, and would strike his head against the wall and floor when angry.

RTL says that, according to the court papers, the couple had been together for just a few months, and both are addicted to drugs.

The mum told cops she had not noticed her boy's injuries.

Dennis K. has so far refused to give testimony, according to Bild.

The court will hear testimony from 23 witnesses over nine days of the trial, which is expected to end in February.

If convicted, Dennis K. faces a life sentence, while his wife faces a lengthy jail term, says RTL.

The trial continues.

Stepdad ‘gave meth to toddler so he could abuse him before killing child’
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