Psychologist 'drugged twin daughters, 7, before killing them and herself'

Psychologist 'drugged twin daughters, 7, before killing them and herself'

A PSYCHOLOGIST in Washington drugged her 7-year-old twin daughters before fatally shooting them and then killing herself after a grueling custody battle.

The Whatcom County Sheriff's Office confirmed that Michele Boudreau Deegan, 55, gave her two young daughters "a large amount of sedatives" before killing them and herself, according to The Daily Mail.

Police say little Mairy Anneleise and Katie Elizabeth were killed by their mother.

The deaths were first reported in the afternoon on October 24, according to police, when a resident at a home in Sudden Valley said that he found his landlord and her two children dead in their home.

Boudreau Deegan had reportedly been involved in a strenuous custody battle with her estranged husband over the two girls, Mairy Anneleise and Katie Elizabeth.

Authorities believe the divorce and custody battle to be the primary motive for the murder-suicide.

Michele Boudreau Deegan, 55, was a practicing psychotherapist.

Just four days before the tragedy, a judge had granted joint custody to Deegan and her former husband, who has not been publicly named.

Sheriff Bill Elfo confirmed that Boudreau Deegan had "stated her suicidal ideations and that she would never leave her daughters alone without her," according to The Daily Mail.

Boudreau Deegan had been working as a psychotherapist before her death, and claimed to teach her clients "new ways of perceiving their problem, healthy coping behaviors for responding to their problem, and healthy attitudes & communications skills for working with their families, partners, or work environment," according to her website.

Boudreau Deegan reportedly killed the girls and herself after going through a difficult custody battle with her estranged husband.

Despite her career, people who knew the mother said that she was deeply troubled, according to reports from KIRO 7.

On the day before Boudreau Deegan killed herself and her daughters, she shared several posts about the dangers of "narcissistic parenting" to her professional Facebook page.

People who knew her have since left comments on the page defending the mother, and saying that she was not a bad person, but a person who suffered from mental illness.

The twins were just 7 years old.

"I knew Michele," wrote a friend named Roy Martin. "She was an extremely kind and loving person.

"The last women on earth one would think would do something like this. I believe she saw this as the only way out, a way to protect the children from untold suffering."

"Clearly that's insane," Martin continued. "I don't think she was in a sane place when she did this. Michele was an amazing person and a wonderful mom. She loved those children."

Authorities confirmed that they don't believe Boudreau Deegan's estranged husband had any part in the killings.

"His whereabouts during the timeline have all been accounted for and he has a strong alibi," Sheriff Elfo said.

"Evidence at the scene clearly implicates Michelle as the only suspect in the death of her two daughters, after which she subsequently took her own life."

Police said that the investigation is ongoing.
Psychologist 'drugged twin daughters, 7, before killing them and herself'
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