Boy, 14, who ‘killed girl, 6, claims shadowy man ordered him to kill her'

Boy, 14, who ‘killed girl, 6, claims shadowy man ordered him to kill her'

A 14-YEAR-OLD boy who allegedly molested and strangled a little girl to death told cops he "felt her soul leave her body" and said he was "being controlled by a shadowy man".

Grace Ross, 6, went missing at around 6:30pm on March 12 from a residential area in New Carlisle, Indiana, before her body was found just two hours later in nearby woodland.

A woman later brought her son - who cannot be named for legal reasons - to the police - where he described the horrific details of the chilling child murder, revealed in a new investigative report by prosecutors.

The teen told investigators Grace had followed him into the wooded area as he wandered around, before he lost sight of her, according to local media.

He then claimed that a "shadowy man was controlling him" and forced him to strangle the child with his hands, WDNU reports.

The 14-year-old said he was aware Grace was dead when checking for her pulse and feeling her soul or spirit leave her body.

Six-year-old Grace Ross was allegedly strangled to death by a boy, 14, who says he was being controlled by a "shadowy man".

An autopsy found the six-year-old had died from asphyxiation.

He then allegedly ran from the woodland and returned to his family apartment with blood-stained hands.

According to the newspaper, he removed his dirty clothing and hid it behind a bathroom door, took a shower, and put on clean clothes.

His legal team had attempted to seal public access to the harrowing details, but St. Joseph County Probate Court Magistrate Graham Polando ruled against this, seeing it released on Friday.

Under Indiana law, juvenile court proceedings can be made public if the crime would be charged as a murder of felony if the defendant was tried as an adult.

The tragic child went missing at around 6:30pm and her body was found just two hours later.

"We conclude that the public’s interest in information regarding the basis for this ongoing matter supports our release of this particular document in this case," a written statement from the office read, according to the South Bend Tribune.

The boy will be assessed by psychiatrists and other mental health professionals to evaluate his mental state.

Deputy prosecutor Christopher Fronk told ABC57, "This is a case where it’s not so much of a factually difficult case.

"It is more of a procedurally difficult case in order to make sure you’re straddling the juvenile and the adult court and all straddling over all of the issues that come into play. It’s really more of a difficult procedural case than anything else."

A hearing to decide whether he should be tried in an adult court scheduled for May 13 has been delayed so both legal teams can assess the findings of the mental health evaluation, according to the new report.

Boy, 14, who ‘killed girl, 6, claims shadowy man ordered him to kill her'
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