Who killed Monica Fay Pritchett Rollins and her son Dalton in 2002

Who killed Monica Fay Pritchett Rollins and her son Dalton in 2002

A family member found the mother and son dead and another son unharmed, hiding in a closet of their mobile home.

Young mother Monica Fay Pritchett Rollins, 23, loved her children dearly and was excited for the arrival of her third child, a boy to be named “Cheyne.”

Rollins was a busy mom, balancing a full-time job and raising her two sons, Dalton, 6, and Aaron, 2. She had worked at a daycare called Kiddie Castle, Inc. until July 2002, when she accepted a higher-paying job at ITC Deltacom.

Rollins and her children’s father, Jeremy Rollins, divorced, but he saw the children every other weekend.

Family members described Rollins as an easy-going, loving mother who was always smiling and good with kids.

When nobody had heard from her, a family member drove to Rollins’ mobile home on Sugar Hill Road on Monday, Sept. 16, 2002, and walked straight into a living nightmare.

Rollins and Dalton were dead while Aaron was unharmed, hiding in a closet. News reports at the time state the mother and son were stabbed to death; however, law enforcement officials remain tight-lipped on the cause of death and other details, indicating it is information only the killer would know.

Authorities collected evidence at the crime scene, saying they have potential DNA. They have questioned numerous people, but nothing has led them to a motive or killer.

Monica was in the third trimester of her pregnancy and partially delivered from the trauma. The baby was deceased.

Police believe Rollins and her son were killed sometime over the previous weekend.

Monica’s father, Donald Pritchett, last saw his daughter and grandkids on Friday, Sept. 13, 2002, when they visited him. He was excited about the visit because he, his wife, and Rollins intended to give Dalton the long-awaited gift of a foal the boy had named “Mojave.” The family left his residence around 8:30 p.m. after an evening filled with horse riding, food, and a movie. He never saw Rollins and Dalton alive again.

Police have said very little about the case in the nearly 20 years since the murders occurred.

It is unclear where Jeremy Rollins was at the time of the murders or whether he was ever considered a suspect. Police never arrested anyone in the double murder.

The crime terrified the community, and members started upping security measures on their homes and kept their kids inside.

Police have never stopped investigating the murders. In 2014, Heflin Police Chief A.J. Benefield contacted the Attorney General’s Office’s Cold Case Unit, and the two agencies are working on the case together.

Benefield was an officer at the time of the murders; he and his partner responded to the 911 call.

He told AL.com in 2014: “So really, there’s three victims,” Benefield said. “It was the worst crime scene I’ve ever seen. Not a day goes by that we aren’t talking about this or working on it in some way. It’s very near to our hearts.”

WBRC reported that Benefield hinted in 2015 that “they were looking at something that they’ve actually known about since 2002.” He did not elaborate further.

Authorities periodically post on social media for information on the case.

Jeremy Rollins remarried in 2011 and has twin daughters with his wife. Aaron Rollins graduated high school in 2018 and is now in his early 20s. The family still resides in Heflin.

Anyone with information is urged to call the Heflin Police Department at (256) 463–2291 or email heflinpolicetip@gmail.com.
Who killed Monica Fay Pritchett Rollins and her son Dalton in 2002
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