Inmates Pour Boiling Sugar Water Down Throat of Murderer Keith Hall After Bounty Put on His Head

Inmates Pour Boiling Sugar Water Down Throat of Murderer Keith Hall After Bounty Put on His Head

Keith Hall was one of two men convicted of killing Melanie McNamara

Melanie McNamara sat in the backseat of a car with her boyfriend and another friend in February 2012 when a stolen black Hyundai Santa Fe pulled up alongside their vehicle, firing into the car, shooting her in the head.

Her boyfriend, Christopher Moran, and his friend, Sean Byrne, rushed Melanie to the hospital but she died from a gunshot to the left temple a short time later. McNamara was innocent; the shot was intended to hit Moran.

Men Convicted of Murder

Two men were convicted of the murder. Daniel McDonnell, 19, and Keith Hall, 24. McDonnell wrote letters confessing to and mocking the crimes. He also wrote incriminating graffiti on his jail cell wall. He was sentenced to life in prison.

Hall was found guilty of murder and sentenced to 20-years in prison. He was sent to Mountjoy Prison in Dublin, Ireland to serve his sentence.

A Dublin gang immediately put a hit out on both of Melanie’s killers, offering a €10,000 bounty to any inmate who “seriously hurt” or killed either man.

In August 2013, Keith was stabbed repeatedly by inmates but survived the attack. This put Hall “in fear of his life.” His fear was warranted, as inmates would again attack Hall in September.

During the subsequent attack, inmates poured a concoction of sugar and hot water over the lower half of Hall’s Body. The inmates then poured the mixture down his throat.

Hall was left with facial injuries from both attacks.

Officials relocated Hall to Wheaton Prison after the two attacks. Immediately upon arrival, inmates at the new prison warned him that he would “be dead in a month.” Hall was moved to segregation for his own protection.

In 2016, Hall won an appeal that reduced his sentence to 17 ½ years.

Corrina Smith Murders Husband With Boiling Sugar Water

In a more recent sugar water attack, Corrina Smith killed her 80-year-old husband after pouring a gallon of boiling hot water mixed with three bags of sugar on him while he slept.

On July 14, 2020, Corrina Smith, of Nestor, Cheshire, poured three bags of sugar into a bucket of boiling water, mixed up the concoction, and threw it on the torso and arms of her 80-year-old husband as he slept.

Corrina left her elderly husband screaming in agony while she walked nine houses down to a neighbor’s home, confessing her crime to the residents. The neighbor called paramedics after Smith said, “I’ve hurt him really bad, I think I’ve killed him.”

Police found Michael Smith crying in pain as he lay on the bed, the skin from his right arm and hand peeling away.

Michael sustained serious burns across his body. He was rushed to Whiston Hospital for treatment but died from his injuries on August 18.

The couple had been married for 39-years.

The day before the attack, Smith was angry about a rumor circulating about her husband that she believed was true.

Mixing sugar in water creates a thicker, stickier substance that sinks into and sticks to the skin.

Smith, 59, was initially charged with causing grievous bodily harm, but the charge was upgraded to murder after Michael died.

In June 2021, Smith was found guilty of murder. She will be sentenced on July 9th.

Willie Bosket spent most of his childhood and adulthood behind bars. Willie had a difficult upbringing, having never met his father who was shipped off to prison for murder before he was born. He was raped by his grandfather and placed into a juvenile facility by his mother.

Willie was also violent and had killed two men by age 15. As a juvenile offender, Willie was sent to prison for 5-years. This changed juvenile criminal sentencing laws forever.
Inmates Pour Boiling Sugar Water Down Throat of Murderer Keith Hall After Bounty Put on His Head
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