Man who brutally raped, tortured, burned girlfriend for for 23-Days gets seven life sentences

Man who brutally raped, tortured, burned girlfriend for for 23-Days gets seven life sentences

34-year old Nicholas John Crilley has been convicted of 62 offenses, including 18 counts of rape, sexual assault, and grievous bodily harm.

An Australian man who left his girlfriend on the brink of death after subjecting her to unimaginable abuse for close to a month during a drug-induced rampage will likely be spending the rest of his life behind bars.

Nicholas John Crilley, 34, a former Commonwealth Bank worker, was given seven life sentences in prison for committing "physical, psychological, and sadistic violence" against the victim, who cannot be named for legal reasons.

He had earlier been convicted of 62 offenses, including supplying a dangerous drug, 18 counts of rape, sexual assault, grievous bodily harm, serious assault, deprivation of liberty, and torture.

Disturbing details of the June 2017 torture was revealed during his trial late last month when prosecutor Sandra Cupina told the court he raped and physically assaulted the victim daily, poured boiling water on her genitals, forced her into bestiality, burned her using acetone, and a cigarette lighter, and even set her on fire.

The 21-year-old woman endured 23-days of torture at the hands of 34-year-old Nicholas John Criley, her lover and a man she thought was true with his heart and his words when he proclaimed his love for her.

Mattress Criley forced victim to sleep on.

Crilley's beatings reportedly became so severe after a point that her upper lip became detached from her face, with the abuse also resulting in broken bones, deep lacerations to her face, burns to 46 percent of her body, and "degloving of the skin."

"The tissue on part of her face was so severely infected it was also infested with maggots," she said, adding that he had forced to eat her vomit and feces as well.

He was taken into custody eight days later following a dramatic hot pursuit involving many stolen vehicles. His defense lawyer, Malcolm Harrison, said his client had been in a methamphetamine-induced delusional state throughout the devious abuse and pointed out that he had called emergency services.

Nicholas Crilley.

Addressing Crilley during the sentencing, Judge Anthony Rafter acknowledged that his call proved crucial but that did not absolve him of the horrific crime.

"Your anonymous call undoubtedly led to the (woman’s) life being saved," he said. "However, that is not necessarily an indication of remorse. Your treatment of the (woman) was callous and cruel."

"You engaged in systematic acts of degradation and torture. You took pleasure in the infliction of pain. Your brutality took her to the edge of death. The victim’s life will never be the same. Yet despite the terrible ordeal she has suffered, she displays courage, dignity, and resilience."

Doctors had to put the victim in an induced coma to treat her injuries, and she spent eight weeks at the hospital recovering, including having to learn to speak, eat, and walk again.

Her face and head had been disfigured in the assaults to the point she said it took her seven weeks to muster the courage to look at herself in the mirror. "It is something I would not wish on my worst enemies," she told the court of her torture.

Rafter ultimately handed Crilley five life sentences of 15 years and terms of up to 25 years imprisonment for the rape offenses. He received a further two life sentences of 15 years for two counts of malicious act with intent. All sentences imposed will be served concurrently.

The judge also made a serious violent offense declaration, which means Crilley will have to serve at least 80 percent of his sentence before he is eligible for parole.
Man who brutally raped, tortured, burned girlfriend for for 23-Days gets seven life sentences
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