Camia Gamet terrorized her disabled boyfriend, Marcel Hill, and violently stabbed him to death

Camia Gamet terrorized her disabled boyfriend, Marcel Hill, and violently stabbed him to death

In 2013, Camia Gamet, age 31, and Marcel Hill, age 38, were living together in Jackson, Michigan. They were an odd couple because they had very different and opposite personalities.

Marcel was described as friendly and child-like. He worked at a fast-food joint and only had a high school education. He suffered from some disabilities including mental illness, cognitive impairment, and physical disability.

On the other hand, Camia did not suffer from disabilities but she was known to be on drugs and had a violent and abusive nature. She had a difficult childhood and had lived in 13 different foster homes. She had also been arrested for domestic violence for assaulting a previous boyfriend. So it was interesting that she ended up with Marcel who had a much nicer temperament than Camia.

Due to their very different personalities, Camia and Marcel’s relationship was fraught with difficulties. Camia would often target Marcel.

In one incident, she stabbed him with a knife and then stitched up his wound by herself. Marcel never reported the incident to authorities. In another incident, Camia assaulted Marcel and punctured his lung. Again Marcel never reported her to the authorities. Yet again, in a third incident, Camia hit Marcel in the head with a hammer. The authorities charged her with assault and domestic violence but the case was dismissed when Marcel refused to press charges against her. This would end up in grave consequences for Marcel.

On May 18, 2013, Camia murdered Marcel in a fit of rage. A neighbor called 911 after hearing sounds of fighting at Camia and Marcel’s home. When police officers arrived, they found the home in complete disarray.

The furniture was smashed, there was a broken floor lamp, a bloody knife, and a frying pan covered in blood. The officers also found Camia covered in Marcel’s blood and slurring her speech. Meanwhile, Marcel had been bludgeoned and stabbed to death. He had been stabbed 11 times and his torso was cut open with a knife. Camia had no injuries.

Camia was immediately arrested at the scene and charged with open murder shortly after. Open murder meant that the judge or jury would have to determine the degree of her murder charge.

Camia claimed that she killed Marcel in self-defense because she thought he was an intruder or an assailant. Her explanation was that she was asleep but woke up when she heard the sound of shattering glass. It was pitch-black in the house and she couldn’t see so she grabbed a floor lamp and started swinging it at the “intruder.” In the dark, she was able to get hold of a knife and use it on the “intruder” until he fell down. She only found out that she had killed Marcel after she turned on the lights. She then called 911.

The prosecutor was able to pick apart Camia’s story of self-defense. First of all, Camia would have been able to identify Marcel because he would have called out her name and cried for help when he was being stabbed 11 times. Instead, Camia’s stated that she did not recognize his voice. Second, Marcel had 11 stab wounds but Camia claimed that she only hit him three times. A bloody frying pan was also used in the attack but Camia did not mention it.

Camia went on to blame Marcel saying that he had a drug problem and would become hostile when drunk. Prosecutors did not buy her statements as Camia was the one who had been arrested for domestic violence multiple times before the murder.

In court, Camia’s behaved like she had no remorse over the killing of Marcel. As Marcel’s family read out a letter to Camia in court, she rolled her eyes and started laughing.

Eventually, the jury convicted Camia of first-degree murder and she was sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole. The judge in Camia’s trial even remarked that it was one of the worst cold-blooded murders that he had seen.

“You gutted him in that apartment like a fish, you were relentless, you stabbed, you stabbed, you stabbed until he was dead.”— Judge John McBain

Marcel’s aunt, Diana Banks-Joiner said it best in court,

Marcel loved you with all he had to give and you knew as well as we do there was no love from you. The gift you had for him was the gift of death.

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Camia Gamet terrorized her disabled boyfriend, Marcel Hill, and violently stabbed him to death
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