The Eisenhower Alien Meetings Are “Just The Tip Of The Iceberg!”

The Eisenhower Alien Meetings Are “Just The Tip Of The Iceberg!”

On 11th December 1984 a little-known television producer and UFO researcher – Jamie Shandera – found an envelope left for him. The package had no return address but did contain copies of documents that would change people’s perception of the twentieth century and the events that might have actually shaped it.

The documents themselves were stored on two rolls of 35mm film. The first one Shandera examined was labeled “Top Secret/Majic Eyes Only” – the title was even more intriguing – “Briefing Document: Majestic 12 / Prepared For President-Elect Dwight D. Eisenhower.”

The top-secret writings appeared to reveal the known presence of extra-terrestrials here on Earth. The Majestic 12 group was a collection of top scientists and military leaders who had been established in 1947 to investigate the UFO phenomenon.

Both the papers and the Majestic 12 group of which they spoke were ultimately disregarded by the FBI as nothing but a hoax when they investigated the claims. They pointed to certain things such as how the date was written, and even how the documents were worded as being proof they were not genuine or authentic official papers.

If the documents are to be believed, however – and there is an avalanche of supporting testimony to suggest they are indeed genuine – then it would seem this was just the tip of the iceberg.

Eisenhower’s Infamous Meetings

Eisenhower went missing suddenly on the evening of February 20th, 1954. There were rumors and fears quickly circulating that he may have died, to which the official response was that the president had had to undergo emergency dental work and was now recovering well. In reality, the president had been whisked off to an emergency meeting with an alien race said to be from the Pleiades star cluster. They are often referred to as The Nordics due to their blue eyes, blond hair, and pale skin.

The meeting was said to have taken place at Edwards Air Force Base, in an empty hangar. Although the exact details of the talks are not fully known, it appears that the Nordics were offering help with technology, medical procedures and advancements, and a break away from fossil fuels for clean energy. However, a deal was not reached and the meeting was abandoned.

According to the story, this is when a second alien race also made contact with Eisenhower and the leaders of the United States. Unlike the Nordics however, the Greys managed to make a deal with the president – an abundance of technology given only to the United States, in return for access to members of the population – essentially the Greys had been given permission to abduct and experiment on citizens of the country before wiping their memories and returning them unharmed.

Some say that Eisenhower was forced into making this deal, and point to the Cold War and the perceived ever-present threat of the Soviet Union. Assuming the story of contact is true, would the Greys have given this technology to the Russians and so tipping the balance of world power to them had the United States not agreed?

Imagine for one moment that this was the agreement that had been reached and signed by Eisenhower, and you can start to understand why a country might want to keep quiet about allowing their own citizens to be abducted – by an alien race to boot – in exchange for technology and weapons.

It wasn’t however the last meetings that Eisenhower and his staff would have with aliens as we will look at in a moment.

Check out the short video clip below. It features ex-US government consultant Timothy Good speaking about the UFO and alien question.

The Mission of Valiant Thor

In March 1957 in Alexandria, Virginia, a strange craft landed in a quiet field. It was witnessed by a policeman out on routine patrol. A man emerged from the craft and approached the officer, calmly claiming his name was Valiant Thor. He was an extra-terrestrial who had been sent by “The High Council” and he requested that he might speak with President Eisenhower.

The policeman took Thor to the Pentagon where he did eventually speak with Eisenhower, as well as the Secretary of Defense and other joint chiefs. According to the story, Thor was given a three-year VIP status where he conducted numerous meetings with persons of high influence in the United States government. His mission was to voice concerns that the “High Council” had over the way humanity was evolving – in particular its apparent lust for nuclear weaponry. Whether Valiant Thor is from the same race of aliens as the Nordics – who allegedly first met Eisenhower three years earlier is open to debate.

The story is known to us via the book “Stranger In The Pentagon” by Frank Stranger. Pictures have emerged of the alleged Thor – no one has come forward to debunk or discredit them.

Harley Byrd – nephew of much respected yet controversial Admiral Richard E Byrd who claimed to have flown inside the inner earth near the North Pole in 1947, encountering Nazi UFOs as he did so – backed up Stranger’s account to the dot.

Check out the video below which looks at the mysterious account and also features an interview with Frank Strangers conducted before his death in 2008.

Project Penguin and The Mysterious Nine

Valiant Thor’s apparent mission from the “The High Council” is interesting in itself – particularly when secret government experiments in 1952 concerning the “channeling of non-physical beings” called “Project Penguin” appeared to have made contact with a similar group.

The experiments were led by Dr. Henry Puharich who had enticed many notable mediums and psychics to take part in them. One of these was an Indian mystic, Dr. Vinod, who not only took part in the experiments but made contact with an entity that referred to itself as “The Nine.”

The Nine, it said through Vinod, were an eternal presence who watched over mankind and had done so since the beginning of time. Eventually, when asked his name, the “spirit” replied, “I am Atum!”

Research quickly revealed that Atum was the name of the “Father God” of Ancient Egypt – one of nine of the “Creator Gods” of the ancient Egyptian society.

Had Vinod really made contact with the presumed mythical Ennead who were worshipped at Heliopolis – also where the Pharaoh would “make contact” with these ancient beings for guidance on how to lead his people?

This consulting or worshipping of nine “gods” is also replicated in cultures throughout the ancient world. For example, the Aztecs worshipped a group of nine “Lords Of The Night”, while the Buddhist religion also speaks of “Nine Unknown Men.” Norse and Etruscan cultures have further legends of nine mysterious beings offering guidance and wisdom, and perhaps most famously of all is the Ancient Greek legends of Zeus who led “nine gods” who would at times intervene in human affairs.

Puharich appeared to continue his work at his private New York estate forming the “Round Table Foundation” in 1958. He attracted people such as writers, inventors, and notable businessmen – all who wished to make contact with “The Nine” and seek its wisdom. Perhaps most notably of these is Gene Roddenberry who went on to create and write the sci-fi show “Star Trek.”

Might he have received some of his information from the mysterious ancient beings? Is the title of the later Star Trek movie “Deep Space Nine” also just a coincidence? Perhaps more importantly, might Valiant Thor have been sent to meet with Eisenhower on the Nine’s behalf – the same “nine” who had guided such great societies as Ancient Egypt and Ancient Greece?

Eisenhower’s Great-Grandaughter's Further Revelations

Eisenhower’s great-granddaughter, Laura Eisenhower doesn’t doubt that any of these meetings went ahead. When she was asked about her great-grandfather’s experience she stated that these meetings took place against a backdrop of a world that most of us don’t realize existed. She states that the Second World War was still being fought behind the scenes and that such things as Operation Paperclip were just a part of that scenario. She also sighted the aforementioned Admiral Richard Byrd and his apparent battle with “Nazi UFOs” in Antarctica.

“It’s like there is this whole other reality going on that we don’t hear about!” she stated, “These timelines and the deeper history connected to secret societies, connected to these deeper ET agendas that have been around for thousands of years!”

Check out the recent interview below that features Laura Eisenhower talking in-depth about extraterrestrials and their presence here on Earth and the secret space programs industry.

The deal that was made with the Greys, led to the secret space programs, of which she claims she has had many dealings, and of which there are an increasing amount of whistle-blowers speaking out about their own involvement.

Perhaps Laura Eisenhower’s assessment of how history might judge her great grandfather’s apparent decision to sign a treaty with an alien race in return for technology – a decision that in reality will have been his in name only – is actually very true when she says, “I would say that he was instrumental in warning (us) about the military-industrial complex!”

The video below features former Canadian Defense Minister, Paul Hellyer talking openly on RT news about such meetings and deals that have taken place between world leaders and extraterrestrial races. He is arguably the highest-ranking official who has made such blunt claims and much of what he says echoes Laura Eisenhower’s comments about the power and influence of the military-industrial complex, and whether that might be the real danger we all face.
The Eisenhower Alien Meetings Are “Just The Tip Of The Iceberg!”
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