Pregnant woman in pain stopped from entering ER by cops after husband honked at them for blocking entran

Pregnant woman in pain stopped from entering ER by cops after husband honked at them for blocking entran

DORAL, FLORIDA: In a piece of shocking news, Sabrina Enciso, a seven-month pregnant woman, was stopped by Miami-Dade cops from going to the Emergency Room at Jackson Memorial Hospital's West Campus. This was even after she begged them, saying, "I think I'm going to miscarry." She and her husband, Kevin Enciso were stopped for over 20 minutes by the cops.

Earlier, Kevin was driving his wife to the Jackson Memorial Hospital as she had been involved in a car accident the day before and was in pain. Approaching the ER, he noticed two cop cars blocking the entrance of the parking lot. In a rush, he honked at the officers to give way to their car after which one officer immediately moved out of the way. The second officer, on the other decided to conduct a traffic stop and refused to allow them to pass through.

In the video footage, the 32-year-old mother-to-be insisted that she felt she was in danger of miscarrying and was also in a lot of pain but the officer paid no heed to this, going as far as to remark that she was fine as she was still "alert" and "breathing." They then proceeded to interrogate the couple for a solid 20 minutes, merely a few hundred yards away from the emergency ward. They even called Fire & Rescue to the scene.

Kevin was asked to step out of the car and hand over his license

One of the cops, identified later as Officer Daniels began conducting a traffic stop and asked 28-year-old Kevin for his driver's license. In the mobile footage recorded by Enciso, he can be heard telling the cops, "I gave you a very nice honk—once—for getting out of the way. I have an emergency and that’s why I’m in the emergency room for my wife." He also refused to hand over his license as he had "committed no crime." The police supervisor asked Kevin to get out of the car because of his refusal to give the officer his license.

The cops had stopped the couple a few hundred yards from the ER

"I'm having a lot of pain," stated Sabrina on video. She claimed that a day before, she had been in an accident, and her doctor had advised her to visit the hospital. "Cause I think I'm going to miscarry," Sabrina added. On camera, Sabrina said, "I'm coming to the ER today because that's what my doctor said I needed to do, to make sure I don't lose this child." She kept recording the conversation throughout. The Enciso family is familiar with JMH, since Sabrina also works for the hospital as a financial analyst. The footage shows how Officer Daniels orders Sabrina to "sit on the curb over there," after interogating her as they waited for fire and rescue just a few yards away from the ER.

Only after the first responders came in and measured Sabrina's "sky rocketing" blood pressure did the cops allow the two to go to enter the hospital. According to Daily Mail, Sabrina revealed that she was seven months pregnant and had suffered an unfortunate miscarriage last year. This added to her panic and worry at being held back by the cops. The couple spend hours in the ER following the ordeal, after which they were informed that Sabrina was doing fine and was in fact expecting twins. The to-be-father shared a post on Instagram, writing "Sometimes when you hope for a miracle… you get two! #EncisoTwins2023"
Pregnant woman in pain stopped from entering ER by cops after husband honked at them for blocking entran
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